Reckoning - Recent Examples on the Web. The problem with entitlement spending, by this reckoning, is politics: Individual members of Congress favor their own constituencies or donors even when doing so harms the country as a whole.. verb (used without object) to count; make a computation or calculation. to settle accounts, as with a person (often followed by up).; to count, depend, or rely, as in expectation (often followed by on).. In this controversy the whole company spoke together, and every man seemed wholly bent to extenuate the sum which fell to his share; so that the most probable conclusion which could be foreseen was, that a large portion of the reckoning would fall to the landlord's share to pay, or (what is much the same thing) would remain unpaid..

Definition of reckoning - the action or process of calculating or estimating something, the avenging or punishing of past mistakes or misdeeds, contention f. An example of reckoning is figuring out how many crops to grow based on last year's production. An example of reckoning is the belief by Christians in a final judgement day; a day of reckoning.. The day of reckoning or a day of reckoning, is a time when people are forced to deal with an unpleasant situation which they have avoided until now. The day of reckoning has arrived..

Feb 08, 2015  · Reckoning is the final main mission. If you did not change your difficulty setting (from Hard) since you started your game, completing the mission will net you the Destiny Dominated trophy or. 1 the act of placing a value on the nature, character, or quality of something . that old chest isnʼt worth much by my reckoning, but an antiques dealer might think otherwise. Reckoning is the second studio album by the American alternative rock band R.E.M., released on April 9, 1984 by I.R.S. Records.Produced by Mitch Easter and Don Dixon, the album was recorded at Reflection Sound Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina, over 16 days in December 1983 and January 1984..

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